How to manage your Human Resources with Odoo

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A helpful guide to the Human Resources applications

Have a unified front-office and back-office with applications that will facilitate HR management, centralising all information in one place - leaves, attendances, allocation, expenses, recruitments, timesheets, appraisals.

This will simplify your HR department’s processes by implementing time-saving tools and other features that grant quick access to information and improve effectiveness.

All kinds of information are stored in one place, the employee’s personal profiles, their job titles, contract types, schedule, vacation or sick days. Check on their attendance and create timesheets (weekly or monthly). You can choose to restrict or allow information to be seen by all employees or only to HR managers, making sensitive and personal information concealed from the public eye.

Odoo also sends notifications every time a new request for leave or allocation, for example, are received. There are a lot more uses and features in Odoo to make your job easier and smoother, all you need to do is give it a try.

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With this article, we’re going to help you in this endeavor by exploring three Odoo applications: Employees, Expenses and Leaves.

You will learn how to handle and manage these apps, on a day-to-day basis.

For every finalised action do not forget to save, and if you made a mistake click the button Discard. If it’s already saved, go back to the action and hit Edit to make modifications.


With this application, you are able to import or create your employee profiles with their contact information, job title, private information (bank account number or address) and HR settings.

In the Employees dashboard click on Create, a pop-up window will open and fill the fields with as much information as you need. Then hit Save.

If you made a mistake, you can always edit that profile by selecting the employee in the Employees main page and clicking Edit. On that page, there are tabs where you can check on their attendance or timesheets.

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Note: On the main employees' page, the icon on the upper right side of the employees changes between red and green, corresponding to whether that employee is present (green) at the time or absent (red).

On the main menu, there’s a Contracts button, by selecting it you can view and create new contracts. To create a new contract click on Create and complete the fields in the pop-up window.

New contracts are automatically sorted under the column New, but they can be dragged to either one of the other categories and organised to your liking. To edit a contract, click on the contract and the Edit button or on the top right button of the contract.

Contracts can also be imported from other devices. Select Import, next to Create, and load the file.

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Set up your company’s departments on the Departments main menu. Again, you can either create new departments or import from a device. Select Create and in the new window, insert information and save.

Departments can also be created when you’re setting up employee profiles - on the department field under Position click on it and a drop-down menu will appear with existing departments and a Create and Edit option.

By selecting it, a new window like in the department's page will appear to create one.

Just as explained above, new employees also can be created in the Departments page. Select the Employees button on the desired department and create or import an employee.
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Note: There is a progression bar in every department that shows the percentage of absences.

You can configure the company’s working hours to calculate timesheets or allocation leaves with the default calendar.

For this, select Configuration on the main menu, Settings and next tick the box and set up the time on the drop-down menu below.

Remember to save.

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Manage your employees’ expenses and access receipts and expense submissions, create, validate or refuse them in Odoo. Oversee a team’s expenses records and make sure they stay on budget.

All kinds of expenses can be managed, from office supplies to another type of expenses such as traveling, lunches or gas. Employees can take a picture of receipts and attach them to expense records or to an email address.

To properly track expenses, first, configure the expenses types in Configuration from the main menu, and click on Expense Products. Create a new expense and a pop-up window where you’ll define the expense’s criteria will show up.

In here, set a cost only if it is a fixed price, otherwise wait for the report of the real cost from the employee - if the employee goes to a restaurant, there’s no way of knowing how much they’ll spend, but if they’re buying pencils, you know how much each one costs.
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Now, to manually record expenses, go to My Expenses on the main menu and select Expenses to Submit. Select Create and start adding information.

This action can also be done by email if an email alias is configured - in Configurations, select Settings and under Records, tick the box, then click on the link to set it up.

Employees only need to send a snapshot of the receipt or forward a bill. Only employees’ authenticated email addresses are accepted.

Once the expenses are created, they need to be submitted to a manager. Where expenses are manually created, there’s a list of expenses, just select the ones ready to be submitted and click on Action, followed by Expense: Submit To Manager.

Or click on an individual expense and click on the Submit to Manager button under Edit.

After the expense is submitted it can be found under Expense Reports of the My Expenses menu with the status Submitted or Approved. If it’s refused, go to Refused Reports where it can be edited and resubmitted.

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             Managers can review, send feedback and approve or refuse an expense in the main menu, To Approve and next click on Expense Reports to Approve.

            The accounting department can check accounts, expense products and taxes of approved expenses reports in Expense Report to Post (under Expenses) and Post Journal Entries in the books. Here employees can be reimbursed, just click on Register a Payment to do it.

             If the expenses are related to customers they can be charged automatically. In the same page the alias email was made, go to Billing and tick the box Customer Billing. Return to Expense Products (where you first configured expenses) and set up the Invoicing method.

             A salesperson is able to create and confirm a Sales Order for services provided to customers, so an expense can be linked to a sale order. To finish, create an invoice for that expense.


                Vacation management documents are often laborious and painful to elaborate, not to mention hard to read and to coordinate with the personal agenda of employees, especially in big companies.

                Odoo tracks employees vacations, leaves or sick days in one complete view. The teams are kept well-organised to easily distribute tasks during someone’s absence and to make an informed decision on whether another employee’s request for vacation days can be approved or not.

                Configure the different types of leaves on the Configuration menu, there are already a few leaves defined, but you can edit and create new ones according to your company’s guidelines.

                Employees request vacation days themselves with the Leaves app. On the main menu hover the mouse over My Leaves and select Leaves Request.

                You’ll be redirected to a calendar page and click on the day (or days) you need to request and a pop-up window will open. Complete the required fields and Save.

                To request allocations, on My Leaves select the last option, thereafter Create and fill the fields. On the same main menu, you can see the Leaves Summary with all your requests and their status.

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                  A manager will receive the leave requests and leave allocation requests and check them on Leaves to Approve and choose Leaves or Leaves Allocation.

                  On Leaves, there’ll be a list of the requests, to approve or refuse click on them and perform the desired action on the new window.

                  For Leaves Allocation, repeat the process.

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                        Select Dashboard to get an overview of everyone’s leaves and click on them to prompt a new window that will let you see the requests (here you can approve or refuse them as well).

                        This can be done as well in the Reporting and selecting Leave Details. The second option will show you graphic reports and statistics of the leaves requested by employees.

                        To get another perspective, change to a calendar view (last view option, on the top right under the search bar).

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                          Hopefully, this article helped you set up the Odoo apps to your preferences and start managing your employees in a new dynamic way.

                          The learning process is different for everyone, some people only need to read this once and others have to come back as many times as they need.