Integration Services

integrating Odoo with other systems makes sense

Just imagine, to have a full blown ERP that is open and integration friendly

Odoo can manage all your business for you: from collecting payments, handling shipping and connec to with your third party service providers with full control

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Payment Gateways

If you have a specific payment gateway provider and you need your statement into Odoo. or Maybe you need to use Odoo to connect to these payment providers. We can do it!

Shipping Providers

Just the same, if you have a shipping provider that provide an open API, we can as well integrate with Odoo so that daily tasks are just simple for your staff to accomplish.Just imagine, pick a Delivery Order, put in pack then press a button, print a label and stick that on the box. Next round your provider has all the info of the shipping that was placed when you got that order from you sales staff or your Odoo website.

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3PL - Third Party Logistics

Integrating your website (Odoo or other) with Odoo to mediate the connection with your third party logistics provider/ fulfillment warehouse provider is also a common scenario.

Just imagine, orders are brought from your website to Odoo, here you can create rules from where to ship your products and automatically or manually send that information to respective warehouses. Using Odoo you will be able to know exactly your stock levels in each 3PL, together with inventory valuation and other information you need.

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 If there is an API or a database connection we can access
we can integrate it with Odoo