OdooGap is now Certified Odoo Ready Partner

We have Odoo certified consultants for specialized support

OdooGap is Cerified Odoo Ready Partner in the UK

We are happy to announce that we are an official Odoo Certified Ready Partner.  

The OdooGap team has been working with Odoo for a long time. We are experts in Odoo software. Our customers experience first hand how we work, how we resolve issues.

However, until now, all we had was our word. The visitors on this site, the people who are looking for someone who can help them, all they have is what we tell them.

But, our word alone doesn’t matter. We can say a lot of things - how many years of experience, our knowledge...Yet, that is not enough for some. For it to be believed, they may need a little more than just what we claim to be and able to do.

So, being an Odoo partner guarantees that we are fully trained in Odoo and have a direct relationship with the company.

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Now, our promise to do a great job is more meaningful. Let us help you with Odoo.