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As a sales manager, closing opportunities with Odoo Sales is really simple.

I selected a predefined quotation for a new product line offer. The products, the service details are already in the quotation. Of course, I can adapt the offer to fit my clients’ needs.

The interface is really smooth. I can add references, some catchy phrases such as closing triggers (here, you’ll save $500 if you sign the quote within 15 days). I have a beautiful and modern design. This will help me close my opportunities easier.

Plus, reviewing the offer from a mobile phone is easy. Really easy. The customer gets a clear quotation with a table of content. We can communicate easily. I identified an upselling opportunity. So, I adapt the offer by adding more products. When the offer is ready, the customer needs to sign it online with only a few clicks. Odoo Sales is integrated with major shipping services: UPS, Fedex, USPS and more. The signed offer creates a delivery order automatically.

That's it, I successfully sold my products in just a few clicks.

Oh, I also have the transaction and communication history at my fingertips. It's easy for every stakeholder to know clearly the past interaction and any information related to the transaction.

If you want to show information, I would do it from a customer form, something like:

  • Kanban of customers, click on one customer

  • Click on opportunities, click on quotation

  • Come back to customers (breadcrum)

  • Click on customer statement letter

I can get an in-depth report of my sales activity at anytime. Revenue by salespeople or department. Revenue by category of product, drill-down to specific products, by quarter or month... I like this report: I can add it to my dashboard in just a click.

Odoo Sales is a powerful, yet easy-to-use app. At first, I used the sales planner. Thanks to it, I got good tips and tricks to boost my sales performance.

Try Odoo Sales now and get beautiful quotations, amazing dashboards and increase your success rate.