Trust Accounting with Odoo

How can law offices use Odoo to control their practice

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Managing Trust Funds

There is a right way of managing funds held in trust, Just using plain QuickBooks or similar to manage the funds of your customers is not going to solve your integration issues.

With Odoo and some additional open source modules you can manage your trust accounts and also relate your expenses with your projects, cases or matters.

You can do much more

So you have a bigger business and you want a technological solution to solve you specific business process without making your staff logging in and out of several systems.

Odoo offers a solid base with mostly all possible basic features like accounting, bank reconciliation, project management, purchase management, timesheets ... and lot's more. All this makes developing new customizations on top of Odoo is much cheaper than starting a totally new software development project


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Odoo • Image and Text

We can help you get started

Doing Odoo projects since 2010 and accumulating experience in several industries including Law Practice and Trust Accounting we are ready to take your company to the next level.

IT is where all businesses will be in the future, we can help you mastering your own destiny