What to look for in HOA property management software

Management requires keeping track of a lot of things. Software is the best tool to help you

Homeowners Association and homeowners satisfaction

Property management software is becoming more and more popular. It helps association managers reduce workloads and residents stay connected to the association.

Do not let your homeowners association fall behind. Software is an important tool nowadays. It helps the association and the residents.

69 million Americans live in community associations. A survey made by the Community Associations Institute gives an image of how homeowners feel about their associations.

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 63% of residents say their experience with the community association is positive

 38% agree the elected governing board serve the best interests of the community. And 46% say “for the most part”.

 73% of community managers provide value and support to the residents and associations.

 62% think associations’ rules protect and enhance property values

 54% say they pay “the right amount” in assessments. 33% say they pay too much.

Source: 2018 Homeowner Satisfaction Survey 

Best aspects of living in a community association

  • 20% clean/attractive neighborhood

  • 18% Maintenance-free neighborhood

  • 18% Safe neighborhood

Worst aspects of living in a community association

  • 27% Nothing bad

  • 16% Restrictions on exterior home improvements

  • 14% Paying dues

About 25% of communities are self-managed, with the rest resorting to professional services.

If your association is self-managed, you need all the help you can get. And software is the answer to many of your problems.

Your residents' experience affects how they view the association. How they view you and your work.

How property management software can help your HOA

There is a lot of work to do when you work in an HOA. Residents often have questions or problems that need solving. Luckily, technology reached the point where it can help you.

Software can lift the weight off your shoulders and let you focus on important tasks. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, your management becomes more efficient. Your productivity will also increase.

Paperwork takes a lot of time.

Not only can you reduce the piles of paper sitting on your desk, but the time spent sorting through it.

All documents stored and safe in digital format. You can locate a file and access it from wherever you might be at the time.

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Maintenance requests, resident profiles, accounting records...All the information you need to properly run your association in one place. A lot of processes are automated, letting you rid yourself of routine tasks.

Many processes will be easy to manage and addressed with software. It’s easier to schedule inspections, collect dues or address issues.

Communication with the community is fully automated. Send mass emails to the whole community, to a restricted group or to one resident. You can see who received the email, who read it and who still hasn’t opened it.

The emails can be scheduled and automated. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting to send a message or it being too late.

HOA management software will help you do more while doing less. Manual tasks that take time to finish can be automated and information is one click away. You’ll work faster and smarter.

What's the best property management solution?

There are a lot of options for property management software out there. Some have reduced functionalities and others have more features than you need. Like all management software, you have to choose the one that does what you need and can adapt to your growth.

The best property software may not be the best property solution for you.

You need a solution that will help you be more efficient. List the more important needs you have and look for a software that covers them. Then move on to other features or functionalities that would be nice to have.

Don’t forget to compare prices and payment options. Is a monthly or yearly subscription more convenient?

And how much is the license? Is it included in the price or do you have to pay more for it?

There’s a lot you need to consider. And a lot that can improve your HOA.

 By enabling automation, you can spend more time marketing your properties and screening potential residents. You can post vacancies on your website, with pictures and descriptions.

 Get a financial overview and detailed reports of your accounts. Access to analytical tools and compare your performance. Have forecasts for you to plan ahead.

 Keep track of tenants details (payments, contact information, etc) or maintenance schedules

 Residents can submit work orders. You can follow the whole process to make sure tasks are completed in time.

 Residents can make payments online for their convenience and for you to get paid faster.

Software can and will improve your management. Homeowners will be satisfied with your efficiency.

Odoo as an HOA software

There’s a lot you can get done with software. You just have to find the perfect solution for you. Odoo can be that solution.

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Odoo can be personalised to your unique needs.

You can add new functionalities and features as your business grows. Keep in mind that you’ll only add what you need.

There are no other features attached that you don’t need.

You can work on a computer in your office or from your mobile phone while you’re away. It’s simple and easy to use. There are no complicated and long paths to find information. Just type what you need in the search bar.

Your life and the residents’ will improve as things get done faster.